The Universe of The Blind Astronomer's Daughter

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John Herschel's 20-foot reflector
John Herschel's 20-foot reflector
“Memorandum book,” 1780s or 1790s
Extracts from a day book
Memorandum Book 1780s or 1790s
Extracts from a day book 1797 & 1821
Micrometrical Tables 1780s-1790s
Micrometrical Tables, Sir William He
Thomas Wright 1711-1786
"Very Slippy Weather" 1808
Herschel's notes on "Lunarians"
Lunar Map by Tobias Mayer 1775
Astronomical Observations 1711
Map of London 1806
A New Map of Ireland 1797
Woodstock House, Inistioge
Astronomical Observations 1711
First Map of Milky Way c.1785
Sketches of Nebulae
Woodstock House
Phaeton Alarm'd
The United Irish Patriots of 1798 from NPG
Terrestrial & Celestial Globes 1787
Thomas Rowlandson, 1807
The astrologer
Thomas Rowlandson, 1811
Messier Object Number 1
Solar System map
Encyclopedia Britannica 1797
William Herschel's Mirror polisher
Early sketch of Saturn
Solar System Chart 1753
Map of Dublin 1797
The Great Courtyard in Dublin Castle
Battle of Vinegar Hill
Battle of Vinegar Hill
The Astronomer
William Herschel
Caroline Herschel
William and Caroline Herschel
Herschel's Telescope
Herschel's 9 inch mirror
The Great Six-Tailed Comet of 1744
Rowley - Grand Orrery 1749
Herschel's Great 40 foot telescope
The Astronomer Distracted
The galvanic brace . . .
James Gillray
Castor and Pollux
Two-Penny Whist
"I want!  I want!"
"The Female Philosopher . . ."